Community Risk Reduction

The Johnston-Grimes Metropolitan Fire District provides fire prevention services to the communities of Johnston and Grimes, through a variety of services. Find out more about each specific service by clicking on the links provided below.

Public Education
Public education is primarily focused on reaching children within the community through programs delivered at local schools. JGMFD also attends many community events throughout the year to provide fire and life safety education. 

Fire Inspections
Fire inspections of new commercial construction are conducted throughout the building process. Existing occupancies are inspected to ensure maintenance of fire and life safety features, as well as recognizing unsafe conditions and educating owners/occupants on unsafe processes to reduce the likelihood of a fire happening. 

Plan Review
Plan review is completed at several different phases during the building process to ensure site structures proposed meet the current fire code requirements. 

Fire Investigation
The fire department conducts investigations of all fires within the district.  

Fire Hydrant Placement
Fire hydrants are an important aspect of fire protection for the buildings within the Grimes and Johnston jurisdictions.