Tree Programs

 Trees Forever TreeKeepers Program
The Trees Forever TreeKeepers program is designed for people who want to become more knowledgeable about urban tree planting and care and who wish to become a stronger voice for trees in their neighborhoods and communities. Participants in TreeKeepers will take part in nine hours of classroom study led by experienced Trees Forever staff members and other invited tree experts in the state. All training will incorporate opportunities for hands-on experience.

Johnston Urban Tree Program - Tree City since 1993
The City of Johnston’s Urban Tree Program was established to promote and protect public health, safety and general welfare through beautifying the city and enhancing environmental quality by regulating the planting, maintenance and removal of trees, shrubs and other plants in public areas.

Urban Tree Planting 
Tree planting standards are established to assist homeowners in selecting, pruning and maintaining trees planted in the right-of-way abutting their property. You can learn more about planting a tree on the Arbor Day Foundation website.

Trees Please! program through MidAmerican Energy
In 2022, the City of Johnston received a check for $2,000 from MidAmerican Energy to help fund the planting of trees in our community. The donation was presented to Mayor Paula Dierenfeld by MidAmerican Energy employees Kelly Swenson and Jason Badtram. Johnston is one of 55 Iowa cities and community organizations receiving ”Trees Please!” grants. The program helps fund tree planting projects in common areas such as publicly owned properties, schools and community spaces.

MidAmerican selected grant recipients based on each project’s merits, community benefits, and the applicant’s ability to obtain matching funds.

The Trees Please! program is one of many energy efficiency programs offered to residential and nonresidential customers throughout MidAmerican Energy’s service territory. Trees Please! funds are distributed each year to local communities for tree-planting projects. Since 1998, Johnston has received $25,000 in Trees Please! grants.

Trees improve energy efficiency by serving as natural windbreaks and providing shade to homes and businesses. Trees beautify parks, roadways and other common spaces within a community. Planting trees also improves air quality and helps protect and nourish the soil.

Thank you so much, MidAmerican Energy!