Cleaning Sanitary Sewer

Each year, routine maintenance is performed on our sanitary sewer system to ensure everything flows smoothly and provides better and more reliable service for customers. To thoroughly clean and prepare the pipes for video inspection, high-pressure cleaning and vacuum equipment are used to remove debris and solids from the sewer system. This cleaning method is safe, effective and will extend the system’s life. They clean 433 sanitary manholes and over 88,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer. 

While problems are not expected, it is important to understand excessive debris, inadequate or damaged venting systems in homes or businesses, sags in the main, or other such conditions may cause sewer odor to be detected within a home or business. The sewer odor is caused by high pressure drawing the water from your P-trap or J-bends in floor drains and other fixtures such as sinks. Should this occur, run water in all suspected drains will be necessary to re-fill the traps. Remember to check all floor drains with water softeners and water heaters (if you have them). Generally, about one quart of water should fill the trap. 

Remember to keep children out of the area while work is being performed. There may be open manholes in the area during operations or traffic obstructions. Please ensure children stay away from these open manholes.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

The image below is where the sanitary manholes are located within the City of Johnston