Bombers Golf and Hotel

Bombers Golf development includes an 80+ room hotel and attached golf entertainment facility, which utilizes industry-leading technology and facility management by Troon, who operates similar facilities across the mid-west. The project developer, Stoye & Kann Development LLC, is taking a key piece of vacant property and integrating an entertainment venue and hotel, with a kayak launch, which will offer visitors the ability to launch into Beaver Creek from the city’s third kayak launch. Visitors can also take advantage of the adjacent trail and new park that will be located near Ignit. The project opens up opportunities for three commercial lots, slated for a complimentary restaurant, retail, and office development by the group. These opportunities certainly align with what elected officials have heard from residents over the years from our community survey – the need for more restaurants and retail to stay and shop local.

  • Eastside of Merle Hay Road just north of I-80/35 – 5505 Merle Hay Road and 5249 Merle Hay Road
  • The site was previously an old hotel and diner that has been torn down
  • 80+ room hotel, or 70,000 sq. ft. – expected to be assessed at no less than $36 million
  • Development is expected to employ at least 150 full-time employees
  • 60 bay golf entertainment facility – utilizes industry-leading technology and facility management by Troon

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Bombers Golf and Hotel Development

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Bombers Golf Rendering
Bombers Golf Site Plan