Right-of-Way Permit Process

A permit for working in the right-of-way is required to be obtained prior to commencing work:  The following documents are required to be submitted with your permit application:

  • Bond 
  • Certificate of liability insurance
  • Construction Documents
  • $50.00 permit fee 

To obtain a right-of-way permit form, click here (PDF).  If there is a need to close a lane on the street due to right of way work a permit must be filled out in advance. A copy of the lane closure permit form is available by clicking here (PDF).

Inspections will not be scheduled for any sidewalks and approaches until a permit is approved. 

Please note that private water, sanitary, storm and other utilities are not located by the City of Johnston or Iowa one call. It is the contractor's responsibility to have private utilities located.

Currently online payments are not available.  Payment may be submitted in person at the Public Works office (we cannot accept credit card payments over the telephone).  Checks may be mailed to our office.   Please note that if payment is mailed the permit will not be reviewed until the check is received. 

If you have any questions regarding the information needed please call Lori at 515-278-0822. These documents submitted by email to Lori Mason or Steve Gillette.