Smokin' Heroes Smoke-off

Johnston has a sister city in Peja, Kosovo, and has made significant efforts to nurture this relationship. In recent years, Johnston High School has sent its students to a Toka International Camp, where they got to meet their peers from the sister city and interact with Kosovo's leaders. To further develop this association and enable Johnston's youth to attend the Toka International Camp, the Johnston Police Department has collaborated with the Johnston Rotary. They're organizing the Annual Smokin' Heroes Smoke-off event on June 17th, during Johnston Green Days, from 1-4 p.m. at Terra Park. For more details, please visit. Johnston Green Days website.

Those interested in participating in the smoke-off competition must fill out a registration form. There is one regulation for the team – there must be one active police, fire or military member.

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Smokin Heroes 2023