Rental Inspections

All Iowa cities with a population of more than 15,000 people must maintain a rental housing inspection program. The Rental Housing Program Checklist (PDF) details the minimum rental standards established by the Johnston Residential Rental Code.

The ordinance outlines procedures for the inspection of all apartment houses, congregate residences, rental dwellings, and sleeping units. The ordinance requires property owners, their agents and others who rent residential dwelling/sleeping units to meet their responsibilities with respect to premise safety by providing regular inspections as a means of compliance.

The City of Johnston's Residential rental code requires owners and/or property managers to register with the City's Building Department.

Key Information:

  • No person shall rent, lease, let, operate or otherwise allow the occupancy of any dwelling unit or any portion of any dwelling unit (including single rooms) unless they hold a valid Rental Inspection Certificate.
  • All rental properties are required to be inspected once every two years.
  • Registration must be updated upon any change in owner and/or property manager contact information, change of ownership, or change in occupancy status.
  • Multiple properties may be registered through a single registration process.
  • Failure to register your rental property may result in significant fines and double fees.

Rental Housing Application forms are available here (PDF).

Forms should be completed and returned via email or to the Building Department at 6221 Merle Hay Road, Johnston, Iowa, 50131. Please feel free to contact the Building Department with any questions at (515) 727-7778 or by sending an email to the Building Department.