In 2021, JGMFD responded to 3,555 calls for service. This equals almost 10 calls per day. As our call volume continues to increase, we also continue to have multiple calls for service at the same time. JGMFD tracks how many times we have simultaneous calls for service by labeling each call with an alarm type. In the graph below, you will see the terms 1st out, 2nd out, 3rd out, and 4th out to describe these alarm types. This is our shorthand way of labeling calls to track these multiple calls.

If we are dispatched to a call while no other calls are happening at that time, we call that a 1st outcall. This provides the best response time within our district because all of our resources are in their assigned district and the closest resources are dispatched. Once a second, third, or fourth call occurs while units are still assigned to the first call, our response times are likely to be increased and we may need to rely upon mutual aid to respond to the emergency as well. These second, third and fourth calls are labeled as 2nd, 3rd, or 4th outcalls.

2021 Calls for Service by Type

2021 Calls

2021 Calls by Alarm