Adaptive Yoga for 60+

Are you experiencing physical challenges with the body and think that means you cannot practice yoga? Let me introduce you to Accessible Yoga with Janis Ware! This is yoga that welcomes bodies of all sizes, shapes, abilities and backgrounds. This is yoga for those experiencing physical body challenges, injury, chronic illness, living in a larger body, physical disability, mobility/balance concerns, or healing after surgery.

Variations are offered to meet YOUR body where it’s at on that day. Practice fully seated, standing, or moving between the two. Explore and experience the variations to discover what is best for your body on that day. The practice is gentle, mindful and slow yet builds strength, stability and flexibility. Move your body with your breath and find peace within.

Janis Ware, RYT, offers accessible/adaptive yoga, chair yoga, therapeutic yoga, yoga for non-traditional bodies and trauma-informed classes. Janis specializes in teaching yoga to those who think they cannot do yoga and believes all bodies are yoga bodies.

Those wishing to participate must register. Please email Mandy Willey to learn more and register.

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